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יוצאים לטבע! Are you Ready?

Early in the morning, “Ready Group” employees gathered from all over the country, from north to south for a fun day to get out of the screen and enjoy 360.
We started with a pampering breakfast in the open space, in a particularly liberating atmosphere.
Using bicycles and golf carts, we traveled the paths of Israel, among fields of cotton, chickpeas, watermelons, and sunflowers, experiencing social formation, fitness, and historical learning.

We stopped for a light refreshment and continued to a magical eucalyptus grove for an empowering and connecting o.d.t workshop and activity.
We had a rich and varied lunch in front of a captivating view that can only be found in seats far from the busy center.
We at Ready Group believe in the connection of body and mind and this activity for workers in the open air, here is just a part of an extensive health activity throughout the year.
It was an amazing trip, we were left with a taste for more.
Waiting for the next meeting.

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