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אולי זו עדיין לא תופעה, אבל לא התקשינו למצוא עובדים בחברות הייטק שעזבו את עבודתם ומקץ תקופה שבו ונקלטו בה בחזרה.

working hightech

Shira Ofek, director of hardware at the READY group, didn’t even hesitate when she turned to her team again to come back. “I joined the company 11 years ago, and I worked there for 6 years. I invested a lot, I progressed professionally, but I always had a dream to work writing software code, and to specialize in this field. In the end, the dream prevailed and I left the company to work in a government office writing code for websites as I had always dreamed “.

But reality is separate and dreams are separate, and what happened to poetry happened to almost every one of us who thought his dream was the best thing for him, and he was deceived. “After six months I realized that the high-tech world is more interesting to me, and I admit that I missed my team at READY for the atmosphere that was there and when I approached them I also had the feeling that they were waiting for the day I would return.” Continue reading.

Ready Group is a leading R&D firm since 2007 with more than 200 experts spread across various locations in Israel from the north to the south in various tech companies and startups, we provide End-to-End Software & Hardware with R&D centers in Israel. Fortune 500 customers, innovative startups, and tech companies.
Our expertise: AI/ML, IOT & Cloud Integration, ASIC& FPGA Design, Chip Verification, Physical Design, Post Silicon Validation, Board Design, Embedded & Firmware, Web & Mobile, Native Mobile Apps, GIS Apps, Development (CRM/ BI/ LMS/ IT), QA Validation/ Automation.
Customers partner with us in flexible models of managed services, turnkey projects, and outsourcing. We support them in getting their products to the market on time, on budget, and at a high quality.
Group: FPGA/ASIC/VLSI design, verification, backend/layout, and validation.

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