A recent lecture by Ready Group CEO and founder Racheli Ganot attracted IMD Executive MBA students from all over the world

The IMD school in Switzerland has been consistently ranked among the world’s top five business schools for the last twenty years and each of its students has at least ten years of management experience. The EMBA program includes an international study trip and Israel was added as a destination just three years ago. During their weeklong trip, they study the Israeli economy and ecosystem and prepare projects which are reviewed by faculty. They meet with leading figures from business, Hitech, government, finance and more. It was an honor to be a part of their study tour and to introduce them to the vibrant scene of the “Ultra-Orthodox Women in Hitech” and specifically in software development, chip design and QA Automation.

We would like to thank our guests from Europe, Singapore, Canada, Australia, India, Peru, Brazil and Congo. We look forward to hosting you again soon.

Thank You!

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