Accessibility statement

At Ready, we are committed to providing equal and inclusive access to all individuals.
We firmly believe in fostering an environment of collaboration and equality, and we
recognize the vital importance of ensuring our site is accessible to everyone. Our goal
is to enable people with disabilities to access information, engage with content, and
perform actions on our site freely and equally.

We have invested significant resources to ensure our site is accessible and adheres to
accepted accessibility standards in Israel and beyond.
Our site has been designed to be accessible to everyone. The site meets Level AA of
the international W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, in
accordance with Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility
Adjustments for Service), 2013.

Our commitment to accessibility is reflected in the measures we have implemented on
our site: [please find below examples (1-10)]
1. Optimization for compatibility with commonly used web browsers.
2. Highlighting of links for improved visibility.
3. Provision of a dedicated accessibility bar to enlarge text.
4. Navigation is simple and clear.
5. Content is written clearly and simply, and organized according to a logical hierarchy.
If necessary, there are explanations alongside the content.
6. The site has been optimized for viewing on modern browsers.
7. The site is viewable on multiple screens and resolutions.
8. Pages have a fixed structure.
9. Graphic elements have a textual alternative (alt).
10. The site does not use moving or blinking text

While we have dedicated extensive effort to ensure our site's accessibility, we
acknowledge that there may still be instances where certain elements do not meet
required standards due to human error or technological challenges.
For physical accessibility information for our location feel free to contact us: [[email protected]]

If you encounter any difficulties while navigating our site or wish to bring accessibility
concerns to our attention, please feel free to contact us:
[[email protected]]

We are fully committed to addressing all inquiries promptly and striving to enhance the
accessibility of our site for an optimal user experience.

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