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"At Ready, we specialize in helping businesses harness the power of AI to enhance operations, drive efficiency, and create innovative products. Our expert team offers comprehensive AI services tailored to meet the unique needs of C-level executives and their organizations."

- Avishay Meron, Chief AI Officer

Our Services

AI-Readiness Survey

According to a recent survey by McKinsey, the greatest barrier to harnessing AI is the lack of a clear strategy. Our AI-Readiness Survey assists in overcoming this challenge by providing a comprehensive review of your business operations, identifying AI opportunities, and delivering a detailed, actionable roadmap for implementation.

This survey is designed to be highly actionable, giving you clear steps and priorities to maximize the benefits of AI in your organization.

AI Team

Finding the right talent with both business and technical skills for AI initiatives can be incredibly challenging. It can take up to a year to consolidate a team that delivers effective results. Our AI Team service solves this pain by providing a team of professionals who quickly understand your business landscape and translate it into a working AI system in production.

Our team consists of experts in product management, research, development, and testing, ensuring a seamless integration and rapid delivery of AI solutions.

Executive AI Training

Non-technical managers can greatly benefit from learning about the AI landscape, understanding the opportunities and risks associated with AI, and knowing what AI can and cannot do. This knowledge is crucial for successfully steering the organization forward in the age of AI.

Our training sessions are tailored for C-level executives and board members, providing practical insights and strategies for leveraging AI effectively.

Why Choose Ready?

Expertise Across Industries

From traditional sectors like finance and pharma to innovative tech companies, we provide AI solutions that fit your business.

AI Team

Our structured approach ensures quick wins and clear milestones, avoiding extensive budget overruns.

Executive AI Training

We cover the full spectrum of AI needs, from research and development to MLOps.

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"We have been working with Ready for over six years in the fields of verification, embedded systems, automation, software and system validation, web application development, and data analysis. I think working with a team that comes with training, experience, and guidance from within the group itself has been very helpful to us."

Founder and CEO
Innoviz Technologies

Case Studies

Fish Farming Optimization

Challenge: Efficiently managing fish feeding schedules.
Solution: AI system detecting fish hunger through sound analysis.
Result: Increased fish yield and reduced feed waste.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Challenge: Early detection of diabetic conditions.
Solution: AI analyzing eye images for early markers.
Result: Early intervention for thousands of patients.

Plant Disease Detection

Challenge: Identifying diseases in large agricultural fields.
Solution: AI-powered drone imagery analysis.
Result: Real-time disease detection and management.

Ready offers comprehensive training programs designed to equip your leadership team with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the AI landscape. Our training covers critical AI concepts, project prioritization, team building, and implementation strategies.

Client Testimonials


“We at Nvidia grealy appreciate the collaboration whth READY. You are our R&D partner for ten years in Chip Verification, backend, Validation & Automation. The Ready team plays key role in the development of our network Technology.”

VP Cip Design

Shift4 Logo 2021

“We integrate Ready’s employees into all our development teams, and they have proven themselves above and beyond. Today, they are an integral part of everything we do here. Their advantage is that they are hardworking, loyal, and they learn very quickly. “

Founder and VP of Operations and Human Resources
Finaro (acquired by Shift4)

About Us

"Founded on a passion for innovation, Ready has been at the forefront of AI technology for over 17 years. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering tailored AI solutions that drive real business value."

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