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Chip Design engineer

Chip Design Engineer – Job Description:
We is looking for an experienced Chip Design Engineer for our high-end product series.

Job Description
Data centers keep getting bigger and more complex to manage.
Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) chips are responsible for keeping every server in their proper condition to perform at their best.
Utilizing the right interfaces with the right features, while keeping everything at the very highest standards, is going to be the challenge you will be facing in your day-to-day work.
As a designer in our team, you will take a major part in exploring new protocols, evaluating different solutions for new architectural needs, and performing design and integration tasks for all parts of the chip.
You will be working closely with architects, verification and validation teams, SW and back-end to secure the best-in-class quality RTL.

BSc or MSc degree in electrical / computer engineering
3+ years being a full-time VLSI design team member
Experience in third-party IP integration – advantage
Experience in interfaces (e.g., PCIe, DDR, DP, USB, SPI, I2C, etc.) – advantage
Strong interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, professional leadership, and the ability to work in a
multi-disciplinary team 

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