Why A Full Stack Developer Should Be Involved in Every App

A full stack developer is one that has experience developing both front-end and back-end aspects of an
app, as well as database know-how. When building an app, you need to work on all three facets, so it makes
sense to have at least one developer who knows how element interacts and coincides.



They put the T in Team

Full stack developers are T-shaped app professionals, they have a broad knowledge that isn’t as deep as I-shaped professionals, but that’s often crucial for making a superior product. The ability to think laterally is highly valuable in any industry, and a full stack developer will have knowledge about a wide range of software and languages in a wide range of different scenarios. If you are trying to get an app off the ground, having a full stack developer means that you don’t waste time and money hiring a specific engineer for an aspect of the app that won’t work in actuality. An experienced full stack developer that interviews well will be able to look over an app blueprint and tell you not only which elements are likely to work together well but make recommendations about areas that specialized engineers would not have considered.

Several Skills

Not all full stack developers are equal, but when looking for a full stack development service that can take your app from idea to MVP and beyond, you should look for specific skills. They need to be highly skilled in tech like HTML5, CSS, and JS, with a good knowledge of jQuery, LESS, Angular, and React. They should know at least one server-side language (e.g. Java, Python, etc.). They should also have experience with MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle and SQLServer, with knowledge of caching (e.g. Memcached, varnish), Apache and version control systems (like Git). They will also know the basic prototype and UI/UX design, which will help to cement the whole thing together


Having such a wide range of skills yields several real advantages:

  • The ability to switch between client and server side, making them excellent at translating issues from human terms to technical terms and vice versa. This is crucial as it speeds up the whole development process and allows sufficient team cohesion and leadership.
  • Speed – the time that a project saves by having a full stack developer service or team on board allows a project to be coordinated, with accurate delivery times and optimal results. The likelihood that a significant problem will arise at the last moment is lowered due to all-round experience.
  • Cost – perhaps the most exciting aspect of hiring a full stack developer is how much money it can save.
    They are a cost-effective model as they reduce the cost of hiring multiple different individuals or services for different jobs.

It will not surprise you that full stack developers are the most commonly used developers in app development.
If your app is relatively simple, you may only need a small team of full stack developers on board.
Doing so will help to save you time, money and heart-wrenching mistakes that should have been spotted earlier.

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