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QA & Automation Validation

Our QA teams work either manually or Automate QA for any software and system. The specific QA tests depend on the type of software and development methods. A cloud app that depends on continuous integration may require more complex testing than internal software developed using the waterfall model. Our experts provide STP & STD test documents and STR reports with the test results. We recommend the use of management and tracking tools as: Selenium, Appium, Junit, JSystem, TestNG.

Software testing is used to detect bugs and security vulnerabilities, as well as user experience issues. Some of the most important QA tests that can be automated. We usually recommend QA Automation for companies that practice continuous integration, which means that software is developed, tested, and deployed multiple times and the manual QA cannot keep up with the same pace and delays the deployment schedule.

We perform post-silicon validations using an automation system of all processes required for HW and SW. It includes chip bring up as well as Validation of all levels from the individual Module up to the full System which involve HW and its related SW parts such as Drivers and FWs. The tests can run in the required operating systems, such as Linux, Android, Windows, VxWorks, Nucleus and QNX.

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