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RACHIP was founded in 2007 by Racheli Ganot as a multidisciplinary R&D center that provides software and hardware development services as a technological extension for organizations in Israel and worldwide, with the aim to address the shortage of high-tech engineers.

We form and lead R&D teams for our customers, provide experts services, and build project oriented professional teams. Most of the development teams are based on engineers from the Ultra-Orthodox sector, experienced and highly skilled in their field. Teams’ members are located nationwide and working in hybrid mode from the company’s site in Bnei Brak.

RACHIP began as a company specializing in chips for the semiconductor industry, with a social agenda of engaging ultra-Orthodox women into high-tech industry. Over the years, we have expanded into many different domains of development and industries, and recently we have been selected by Globes as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the Israeli for 2022.

Racheli Ganot, the founder and the CEO of RACHIP, was chosen for the Torch Lighting Ceremony at the 70th Independence Day of the State of Israel for her unique contribution to intensifying human capital in high-tech by integrating women in general and Ultra-Orthodox women in particular.

Many companies that are required to expand their R&D groups or establish a new R&D Center approach RACHIP, knowing given our network of employees, we tailor made specific teams, experts, and solutions to our customers as their partners in executing their business strategy. RACHIP enables flexibility and diversity while maintaining professionalism, responsibility, reliability, and meeting companies core business goals.
Our customers include international companies and organizations, government, unicorns and startups in the fields of semiconductors, automotive, medical, fintech, agrotech, security, government and more.

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