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Success projects


RAD | Project Name: Sony

Altair Semiconductor, a division of Sony Semiconductor IL, specializes in developing and manufacturing Cellular IoT chipsets designed to enhance connectivity for various IoT applications. Their focus is on enabling reliable LTE connectivity and preparing for the transition to 5G networks.

RAD | Project Name: Dust photonics – Silicon Photonics

DustPhotonics provides a comprehensive technology platform for Silicon Photonics, and works with leading supply chain partners to enable high data rates, lower power, lower cost and high-volume scalability.

RAD | Project Name: Hi4Ai

The HI4AI project involves, a specialized service provider in data tagging, mapping, and annotation for AI-based companies globally

RAD | Project Name: Amdocs ServiceNow

The project focuses on developing a comprehensive relocation management system within the Angular framework. This system, designed with a mobile-first approach, supports both iOS and Android platforms

RAD | Project Name: Innoviz Lidar

The project involves collaborating with an Israeli start-up developing lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles. Their product, “Lader,” utilizes laser beams to identify objects in space, enabling vehicles to operate autonomously with precise spatial awareness.

RAD | Project Name: Amdocs CPQ

The project focuses on developing an integrated CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) system, billing engine, and product catalog tailored for large organizations
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