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The critical importance of design IP


IP and the semiconductor industry

Board design:

Board Design, Embedded & Firmware, Web & Mobile, Native Mobile Apps, GIS Apps, Development (CRM/ BI/ LMS/ IT), QA Validation/ Automation.

Intellectual property (IP) is critical in any industry, but particularly in the innovation-based semiconductor industry.
Design IP is the intellectual property core the SoC (system on a chip) design utilizes, with the design IP being one component of the SoC whole.
Unlike the situation a decade ago, most SoC today is internal, with third party IP being integrated with a relatively small product specific design customization.

Why IP design matters

Board design

The growing trend in the field is the adaptation of an IP-centric design, managing the entire design as a collection of IPs including both traditional IP design blocks such as functional blocks (third party or in-house, project-specific or more generic) but also scripts, the CAD environment, meta-data, and design files for software, hardware, and firmware.
IP today is more important than ever before as demand for rapid product design is clashing with the risk of IP design flaws crashing the greater SoC design – hence the need for a comprehensive, dedicated, and hierarchical design IP.


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