The Alpha Forum for leadership and management excellence has launched!

In this complex, dynamic and chaotic era where it is essential to achieve business objectives and technological goals, Ready Group promotes high-tech excellence through technological innovation and the development of leadership.

As part of this initiative, Ready launched the Alpha Club, a present and future managerial group to shape leadership and excellence. 360UP delivered a lecture on leadership during the event, providing the Company’s managers with advanced tools for managing and leading in the 21st century. The lecturers discussed the attributes of great leaders and the innovations that have forced employees to become leaders of the environments in which they operate and in the fields in which they specialize.

A workshop entitled “My Leadership Outcome” followed the lecture, in which all participants were asked to define their managerial-leadership goals, desired areas of impact, the tools they possess, the tools they need, the steps that need to be taken, the desired outcome, the possible outcome scenarios, and the extent to which the managerial-leadership goals that they have defined are ecological.

At the end of the workshop, the participants presented the outcomes that they set. The program will be implemented this year by the Company’s HR department as part of the Leadership Development Track.

The lecture was given by 360up CEO Rinat Nahum, an expert in managerial approaches and practice for achievement of excellence among managers according to the Customer Centricity strategy.

High tech excellence week 2022 was insightful, resourceful, and meaningful for many of our employees and managers. Thank you to all of the speakers and participants.

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